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today we checked out a photography exhibition called ‘Portraits of Esteem’ at Manoir de l’Isle, Livarot. 15 black and white portraits of ‘Livarotaises’ (people in Livarot) by photography enthusiast Patrice Valette. 

using mainly a strip of metal removed from an old windscreen wiper blade and some sticky tape I managed to rethread the bungee chord on a broken tent pole #lifehack

this summer I’ve been getting into cold brew coffee 

I love the rhythm of making it before bed. allowing it to naturally sweeten over an extended steeping process. straining the next day to enjoy on a hot summer afternoon. 


1. just before bed make a french press coffee using COLD water
2. stir, cover and put in the fridge overnight
3. after 16 hours plunge coffee 
4. strain well through a muslin to get rid of coffee grounds
(I’ve been using tissue nappy liners) 
5. bottle and keep chilled
6. pour over ice (add milk if desired) 

[photos: Laura]

#mercredimakes drinks CANdles for our upcoming camping trip - they burn for 2 hours! 

1. cut an empty drinks can with scissors 
2. cut strips of corrugated card to the same height as the can 
3. roll cardboard and wedge into can 
4. stuff a small piece of card in middle to create a wick 
5. chop up and melt old candles in a pan
6. pour melted wax into the cans
7. leave until wax has set 
8. light

last night I received an email from the local garage saying I had won ‘un siège Glacière’ in a prize draw. today I collected my swag. it turns out to be a fold up camping stool with built in cool bag #winning

the last of our bless summer mission teams returned home this week

we painted posts and railings and prayed for God to transform rust to redemption #France

we patch-partied and prayed for the peace of ‘swimming at swans pace’ for a busy city #Holland

we hosted a talent show on the church roof and prayed for God to fill the holes of war #Croatia

we went out wearing white tees in an attitude of surrender and prayed for God to use what we had in our hands to bless others

veggie patch is outrageously out of control but beginning to bear fruit. fought through the thistles and weeds to harvest artichokes, broad beans, mange tout, lettuce, swiss chard and yellow courgettes.

Intermarché launched the Inglorious Fruits & Vegetables

celebrating the beauty of the Grotesque Apple, the Ridiculous Potato, the Hideous Orange, the Failed Lemon, the Disfigured Eggplant, the Ugly Carrot, and the Unfortunate Clementine

peace pervade my soul
setting sun still me 
I trust heaven is hidden
in the haze 

promises plant my feet
golden rays renew me
I wait for wind words
to whisper

I AM with you
I set my eyes to the wind

every 4 years Livarot parish church hosts a 'Fête de la convivialité' at the local park. 800 people gathered for a very wet outdoor mass and aperitif. afternoon entertainment included live music and a world-record-breaking-sized Livarot cheese. there was also a 'wishing tree' tied with coloured ribbons and bells representing the 32 local churches

Isaiah 61 inspired blessing written for the dedication of Tilly Rose Stephenson 

Tilly Rose 
God is with you and for you
May you align yourself with His purposes; 
make moves towards blessing, healing & freedom. 
May you announce the year of His grace; 
a celebration that nothing stops what He has set in motion.
May you respond to need and watch how He responds to your faith;
scatter roses instead of ashes, spread joy instead of jokes.

May God give you the imagination to rename coal diamonds;
the strength to speak life,
the nous to notice, name & release God-potential in others.   
Till Rose
God is with you and for you 

artichokes from patch to plate in 15 months  

sowed some artichoke seeds spring 2013  

harvested hearts summer 2014  

we boiled them for an hour 

and dipped them in tarragon vinaigrette