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summer hols in seven snALPS

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PSALM 77 inspired prayer…

A door is shut
stuck in a corridor
waiting, questioning;
who are you God, and who am I?
where are you God, and where do I fit?
you are with me, right?

let’s take stock
go over how I got to this moment; this place
my life is drenched in God-provision, possibility and promise

God is on the move
nothing can stop what He has set in motion
invisible God putting visible things right
hidden in the harry if the world and human hands

[photo: Ekerbergparken, Oslo]

'We are monks. We brew beer to be able to afford being monks'

thanks to Ed I got to sample an unlabeled bottle of Westvletern 12. a Trappist beer founded in 1838 in Vleteren, Belgium, often voted the best beer in the world. 

the beer is only sold in order to financially support the monastery. they do no advertising. the monks only brew enough beer to run the monastery, and will make no more than they need to sell, regardless of demand.

sales of Westvleteren 12 are limited to one case every 60 days per person per license plate. the beer must be reserved on their ‘beerphone’ beforehand. 

Decathlon have installed a 6 hole ‘disc golf’ course in Caen. including a hilltop tee-off point & water hazard. had a couple of rounds recently with a 125g disc. made a birdie two at the first. 

today we collected
1600g beans for fasolakia & chutney
500g blackberries for curd
kgs of courgette for these
and flipped pumpkins sunny-side up to ripen

Daily bread prayers inspired by Proverbs 30, wolf on wall street & Bruce Lee, king of Romania’s tunnel underworld

More powerful than riches
You choose to limit yourself
Opulence to open heaven
Beautiful people broken-hearted
Caviar and crusts
Empty handed

More powerful than poverty
You choose to give yourself
Hopelessness to heaven on earth
Broken people beautifully restored
Crusts and caviar
Empty handed

Give me neither poverty nor riches
Give me only my daily bread
Whatever that looks like today
Empty handed
But alive in your hands

homemade CANdle in action

culinary highlights from our camping kitchen…

01 | mozzarella, peach & pesto salad 
02 | spaghetti with chorizo & fennel
03 | Annie Bell’s feta & honey
04 | egg & bacon salad 

70 years ago today, Canadian, English and Scottish armed forces liberated our local town, Livarot, during World War II. to mark the occasion the town hosted a Fête de la libération. a bagpipe marching band performed Amazing Grace, When I Survey & Flower of Scotland in the town square #prophetic 

first tastes of autumn. sweet spiced swell of chutney simmering on the stove. selecting socks and shoes over flip flops. sharing a flask of hot chocolate on a soggy picnic bench under grey skies in a deserted park. wet on the inside wellington boots. foraging blackberries and windfalls.  

#mercredimakes a boredom busting bucket list for the school holidays. 45 things to do when you get bored…