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70 years ago today, Canadian, English and Scottish armed forces liberated our local town, Livarot, during World War II. to mark the occasion the town hosted a Fête de la libération. a bagpipe marching band performed Amazing Grace, When I Survey & Flower of Scotland in the town square #prophetic 

first tastes of autumn. sweet spiced swell of chutney simmering on the stove. selecting socks and shoes over flip flops. sharing a flask of hot chocolate on a soggy picnic bench under grey skies in a deserted park. wet on the inside wellington boots. foraging blackberries and windfalls.  

#mercredimakes a boredom busting bucket list for the school holidays. 45 things to do when you get bored… 



Grotte de choranche, Vercours

Pont en Rayons, Vercours

today we checked out a photography exhibition called ‘Portraits of Esteem’ at Manoir de l’Isle, Livarot. 15 black and white portraits of ‘Livarotaises’ (people in Livarot) by photography enthusiast Patrice Valette. 

using mainly a strip of metal removed from an old windscreen wiper blade and some sticky tape I managed to rethread the bungee chord on a broken tent pole #lifehack

this summer I’ve been getting into cold brew coffee 

I love the rhythm of making it before bed. allowing it to naturally sweeten over an extended steeping process. straining the next day to enjoy on a hot summer afternoon. 


1. just before bed make a french press coffee using COLD water
2. stir, cover and put in the fridge overnight
3. after 16 hours plunge coffee 
4. strain well through a muslin to get rid of coffee grounds
(I’ve been using tissue nappy liners) 
5. bottle and keep chilled
6. pour over ice (add milk if desired) 

[photos: Laura]

#mercredimakes drinks CANdles for our upcoming camping trip - they burn for 2 hours! 

1. cut an empty drinks can with scissors 
2. cut strips of corrugated card to the same height as the can 
3. roll cardboard and wedge into can 
4. stuff a small piece of card in middle to create a wick 
5. chop up and melt old candles in a pan
6. pour melted wax into the cans
7. leave until wax has set 
8. light

last night I received an email from the local garage saying I had won ‘un siège Glacière’ in a prize draw. today I collected my swag. it turns out to be a fold up camping stool with built in cool bag #winning

the last of our bless summer mission teams returned home this week

we painted posts and railings and prayed for God to transform rust to redemption #France

we patch-partied and prayed for the peace of ‘swimming at swans pace’ for a busy city #Holland

we hosted a talent show on the church roof and prayed for God to fill the holes of war #Croatia

we went out wearing white tees in an attitude of surrender and prayed for God to use what we had in our hands to bless others