Install Theme


age: 1 year, 4 months, 2 days
fave food: sweetcorn & nuts 
fave film: peppa pig
interests: climbing, grabbing, exploring everything
language: ‘dadda’, ‘peppa’, ‘potato’, ‘uh-oh’
most recent faux pas: unexpected fully-clothed bath in a changing room sink with an automatic tap

[photo - chez]  


age: 4 years, 3 months, 20 days
fave food: chicken nuggets & hole pasta
fave colour: pink / purple
fave film: frozen
interests: drawing, bicycling, scissoring, magazines
language: more and more french
most recent faux pas: cutting own hair with scissors  

[photo - chez]

Just got back from @springharvest. we used primary colours and art from Jon White & Kate Alizadeh to help us pray at the Big Start… 

Big blue God
You are as vast as the sky and as deep as the sea
May we get a bigger image of You;
The Father we can trust

Red-hearted Son
Your love is so wide and long and high and deep
May we be known as loved because;  
You are the Son who sets us free

Sunrise Spirit
You are with us at all times in all places
May we be more present to your presence;
The Spirit who gives us strength 


Yesterdays patch party at Bethanie 

pitch forks, pick axes and pumpkin scones 

bob marley, blue wigs and brownies

muddy hands, mopping brows and home brew

patch transformed from grassy mess to grow zone 

#mercredimakes (or should we say ‘upcycled’) 

these kids garden chairs we found at the dump 

This weekend we were in the Netherlands with Bless

In Amsterdam we helped host a prayer evening at the Tabernacle of the Nations in the red light district and a ‘conversation’ around the future of the church in Europe at De Poort

In Rotterdam we helped design and decorate a prayer room for ICF, and their associated ministries, located on the fourth floor of a community house run by Home for Kurds

Blackboard paint, junction boxes, IKEA furnishings, kilner jars, chalk, candles, washi tape, pallets and several hours later we had oursleves a beautiful place of prayer overlooking the city

sunny school holidays spent… 

climbing trees
eating stones
hide & seek

ice skating
tree swinging 
tinkerbell hair 

Bottled it! One week till tasting…