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sinking sun swallowed
chapter ends. turn the page
wild goose chase begins

#LoadingDay stats:

47 (ish) cardboard boxes of stuff
4 wooden crates of other stuff 
5 chests of drawers
2 cider barrel rings
3 beds
9 chairs
2 sewing machines
7 bikes 
2 tree stumps
a tumble dryer 
a cable drum
a pallet sofa
a poker table 
a tent
a dining table
and a cat in a basket

tonight we had a leaving tea party for the girls. barbecue, garden games, ice cream & chocolate cake #GoldenHour 

3 days before we move back to the UK to begin our sabbatical our overheating car has broken down. This morning I agreed (in faith) for a local garage to carry out the necessary work so that we can make our Saturday evening ferry crossing. 

The garage has quoted €1100 for this work. 

We have until the weekend to raise this money. If you would like to give something towards this cost, however big or small, please get in touch for details.  

Please stand with us in prayer that the garage can complete the work in time and God provides the required finances. 

Give me neither poverty nor riches
Give me only my daily bread
Whatever that looks like today
Empty handed
But alive in your hands

[Proverbs 30]

hitting harvest season hard
preserving the season in relish & pie 
foraging the season from the garden & a nearby chateau 
hazels. pumpkins. sage. courgettes. 

we’re still loving life in thelongnow after 5 years & 547 posts 

thanks for following! happy birthday blog

[photo: chez]

#mercredimakes a sprinkler out of a plastic bottle, a jubilee clip and a hosepipe

stumbled across this reflection I wrote 5 years ago during our first few weeks at Bethanie. it’s called stars…

ate dinner
went outside
looked up;
haven’t seen stars like this in a very long time
tried to take a picture
didn’t work
i’m glad
something so beautiful and natural cannot be captured
cannot be contained
it’s just there
for everyone
a gift
that cannot be touched or altered
only hidden
why would we do that?

beautiful, good, true

we moved to France 5 years ago today. we shared our first lunch at Bethanie over a cardboard box. in just over two weeks we’ll be packing our life into cardboard boxes & starting our sabbatical. as for 2015… God knows..?  #anniversary 


class of 2014: 16.8 KG
class of 2013: 12.8 KG
class of 2012: 12.0 KG
class of 2011: 11.6 KG
class of 2010: 8.4 KG

making the most of the september sun with an after-school dip and riverside barbecue   

last winter I left a parsnip in the ground. it flowered and went to seed. I pulled it up and hung it out to dry. free seeds for next year