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Berlin/part one

Last weekend we travelled to Berlin for the second leg of our euro-pilgrimage - getting to know Europe better. We stayed with Aaron & Holly who were our amazing tour guides for the weekend.

We spent two days exploring the city centre. We ate burrito bowls and kooken, visited Etsy labs and a number of backyard stores with an emphasis on design, creativity and good craftsmanship, and bought illustrations from an Italian street artist who approached us as we ate (pizza) lunch.

Rebekah was blown away by the Modulor store. An art shop with the most insane collection of materials in every colour, shape and size you can imagine, including a furniture department, the biggest selection of MT tapes and the most ridiculous marble maze you’ve ever seen.

Matt was inspired by the story of Prinzessinnengärten. An urban wasteland that is being turned into a green space in the middle of the city, where local residents grow fresh food, promote a sense of community and exchange knowledge, helping people lead more sustainable lives.

Pixie was having the time of her life entertaining the grandparents…